Jalal, Emily, George and Fred

September 23, 2018

In our Six Sources we talk about a number of sources upon which our current practice is based.  I'd like to discuss my personal Fab Four of prophetic people.  Sermon by Jamie Radcliffe.  

Be Thou My Vision

September 16, 2018

Quality worship is not just about the words that we say.  We can experience the divine in our lives in almost infinite ways, so too should worship engage our whole selves, the whole of our senses.

Opening the Circle

September 9, 2018

Small group ministry is a model for how we can engage with each other's spiritual journeys in an intentional, deep way.  This Sunday we'll talk about our Open Circle groups, and you'll have the opportunity to join a group for the year.  

A Vision of Shared Ministry

September 2, 2018

As we begin this year together, we pause to consider what 'big question' will define the year.  What is the ministry that we are called to do, together?

The Playful Covenant

July 22, 2018

Games are defined by their rules.  How do we set the rules for how we play and live together, and what happens when those rules fall short?

Question Box

July 1, 2018

This Sunday, come with questions!  What questions have arisen for you in the last year, or at General Assembly, that you want to hear about in worship?

Likeness to God

June 17, 2018

Two hundred years ago, William Ellery Channing preached an ordination sermon in Baltimore, and in doing so, marked the beginning of American Unitarianism.  Channing wrote that the Good, Beautiful, and True revealed in our lives is a way in which we reveal divinity.  Sermon by Rev. David Olson, First Unitarian Church of Baltimore.


June 10, 2018

As our congregational year comes to a close, we mark the transitions of the year:  those who have joined us by choice and by birth, those who have died, and those who are transitioning from youth to young adult.  Each of us are blessed by the people in this place, and each of us bring out own blessing to the community.  

Auction Sermon

May 27, 2018

At the congregational auction, Oscar offered the choice of primary text of May 27's sermon.  As of press time, he thus does not know what this sermon will be....other than creative.

We Covenant Together

May 20, 2018

Before gathering for our spring Congregational Meeting, we reflect on what it means to be a community that covenants together, managing our affairs together in a democratic process.  What does this very practical choice say about our spiritual and ethical values?