Christmas Eve

January 3, 2018

Join us for an informal time as we gather to sing carols and tell stories as a community. 


Anchored Beyond the Horizon

December 3, 2017

This first Sunday of Advent, two days after World AIDS Day, we gather to ask what it means to be a people of hope.  We live in the hope of a better world, built by human hands.  But that better world can seem far from our lived reality at times.  How do we remain anchored to a vision of hope in an unhopeful time?


Thanksgiving Communion

November 25, 2017

On the Sunday after Thanksgiving we gather to celebrate the abundance of our community and our lives together.  Join us for a morning of singing, storytelling, and gratitude.


Scarcity and Abundance

November 12, 2017

Parker Palmer writes: “The quality of our active lives depends heavily on whether we assume a world of scarcity or a world of abundance.” When every day can feel like a struggle to have ‘enough,’ what does it mean to assume a world of abundance?


Life in Bulk

November 5, 2017

Abundance is usually thought of as a goal: to have abundance is to be free of need or want.  But what happens when ‘life comes at us in bulk,’ when we have an abundance of moments that we would really rather not go through all at once?


All Souls

October 29, 2017

The end of October is a time to remember.  Different traditions have different names: Samhein, Day of the Dead, All Souls, but each is a time to remember those who came before us.  This Sunday we remember those who have died in the last year, and all the ancestors that give us courage.


White Supremacy Teach In

October 22, 2017

This past spring, at the request of Unitarian Universalists of color across the country, 682 UU congregations held the first UU White Supremacy Teach-in.  Fighting white supremacy means both resisting its most blatant forms “out there,” and disrupting its systemic manifestations within, and we once again join with the broader Unitarian Universalist community in this continental event.


The Feast of Tabbernacles

October 8, 2017

This week marks the Jewish festival of Sukkot, an agricultural festival that many observers celebrate in temporary dwelling places.  These tents symbolize both the celebration of harvest time, and the fragile nature of agricultural life.



October 1, 2017

In September of 1980, eight men and women broke into the Nuclear Missile facility in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania.  In the midst of the Cold War, they took seriously their faith’s call to ‘beat swords into plowshares.’  Courage can look like many things in different places and times. What does it look like to be a courageous people of faith in 2017?    


Welcoming Change

September 27, 2017

Change is a constant in life, and in religious community.  As we continually draw the circle of welcome wider, we are sometimes asked to consider and change long-held beliefs and practices.  How can we find courage and understanding to welcome change?